Nav beta 2 Recombinant

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IN STOCK within a Week & CUSTOM MADE in 4 to 6 Weeks
1 mg, 2 mg, 3 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg & More
>80%, >90%, >95%
Expression System:
E. coli, Yeast, Mammalian, Insect Cell, Others
Fusion Expression:
His Tag, FLAG Tag, MBP, GST, trxA, Nus, Biotin, GFP, Others
Gene, Vector, Primer:
Customer's or Gentaur's
Mammalian vector:
Reporter gene (GFP, AP, LacZ, Luciferase, without reporter gene). Resistant gene (neo, zeocin, hygromycin, blasticidin, Others)
Prokaryotic host strain:
BL21(DE3), JM115, Rosetta-GAMI, Others
Yeast host strain:
SMD1168, GS115, X-33, Others
Insect host cell line:
Sf 9, Sf 21, Sf High Five, Others
Mammalian host cell line:
293, 293T, NIH/3T3, COS-7, CHO, Others
Tag position:
5’ Terminal, 3’ Terminal
Protein reprocessing:
Protein renaturation, Remove endotoxin, Filtration sterilization, lyophilization
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Nav beta 2 Recombinant | GEN000080811 | Gentaur Genprice Custom Service Provider

Gentaur Group specializes in protein expression service with risk-free guarantee. Our Guaranteed Recombinant Protein Expression Service Package consists of codon optimization service, followed by gene synthesis and subcloning, all the way through protein expression and purification. With the risk-free guarantee, no cost will be charged if the project fails. The overall success rate is over 95% in our expression systems. Place your order today to experience unprecedented, high quality services yet competitive pricing Protein Expression Services.

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a. Risk-free Guaranteed Packages (Tagged:His/MBP/GST)

b. Risk-free Guaranteed Packages (Tag-free)

 ‐ Gene Synthesis & cloning
 ‐ Expression pilot study
 ‐ Scale-up and purification
 ‐ Tag removal(optional)
 ‐ Guaranteed quantity of purified protein
 ‐ QC: SDS-PAGE and Western Blot (Tagged)

Amount: 1 mg - 2 mg - 3 mg - 5 mg - 10 mg (Guaranteed)

Timeline: 4-6 weeks (From gene synthesis to purified proteins)

Purity: 85% - 90% - 95% - 85%

Pricing: $900 - $12 500


  1. Risk-free for Guaranteed package: Quantity & Purity guaranteed, or it is FREE.
  2. Pricing applies only if gene construct is provided. Gene synthesis services are available for an additional cost.
  3. The size of the target protein: 10Kda < Target protein < 100Kda.
  4. Pricing does not include endotoxin removal or some specific requirements. Additional charges apply for these services.
  5. Protein solubility is guaranteed but we DO NOT guarantee the bioactivity or functionality. If the protein expresses as inclusion bodies, refolding will be attempted to make the protein soluble.
  6. Protein is delivered in lyophilized powder whenever possible. If the solubility of protein changes after lyophilization, it will be shipped in liquid form.
  7. For tagged packages, we may use affinity tags to purify a protein and the final protein would be tag containing. For tag-free packages, we can provide service start with tag-free protein expression, and purified by SEC and ion exchange to ensure proper native folding, or start with fusion tag expression, and purified by tag removal, HIC, SEC or IEX to ensure proper native folding.
  8. Protein purity is determined by SDS-PAGE, and quantity is determined by Bradford/BCA/A280 assay. Purity determined by HPLC is also available, please inquire for specific requirements.


Step 1: Gene synthesis or Subcloning, Plasmid Prep


A). Gene synthesis & sub cloning into expression vector
B). Or provide your expression constructs, we’ll sub-clone your gene into our expression vector

Step 2: Expression Pilot Study


Protein expression evaluation and optimization
Optimize and find the purification conditions of your protein (purity>85%)

Step 3: Protein Purification


Optimize and find the purification conditions of your protein (purity>85%)

Step 4: Scale-up and purification


Large scale expression & purification at your desired quantity (mg to g).

Step 5: Tag removal and endotoxin removal and other steps (Optional)


Perform tag removal, endotoxin removal, higher purity and other steps as needed per your request

Step 6: Quality Control testing


SDS-PAGE and Western Blot (tagged protein only)



Varies (Please inquire)




‐Weekly progress reports
‐Desired quantity of purified,soluble protein
‐Plasmid(synthesized by us, 2-5ug)
‐QC data

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