organ of corti
The internal ear of rabbit includes "organ of corti" or Cochlea spirally coiled. Lagena is enclosed and fused with the spirally coiled j the preotic bone which form cochlea. Cochlea is a bony tube line< connective tissue. The cavity of the cochlea is transverse by two brines. It is divided into 3 cavities. They are
1) Scala vestibuli
2) media
3) Scala tympani.
The middle cavity is filled with endo lymph membranes that cover the Cochlea are Reisner's membrane and membrane. The epithelium of basilar membrane is highly modified. It is "organ of corti". It has hair cells and supporting cells. It is supported by cochlear branch of 8th cranial nerve. It is useful for hearing.

1) Posterior semi circular canal
2) External semi circular canal
3) Anterior semi circular canal
4) Ampullae
5) Utriculus
6) Sacculus
7) Ligament.
6) Cochlear duct.