Endostyle in Amphioxus

Endostyle in Amphioxus

In the Urochordate and Cephalochordate animals the ventral side of the pharyhx wilI contains endostyle. It is a glandular ciliated groove present on the floor of the pharynx. This contains alternate bands of ciliated and glandular cells. The gland cell secretes mucus. This mucus will concentrate the food particles of the water. By the ciliary action they are pushed forward in the endostylar groove. This concentrated food mass will enter into epipharyngeal groove through peripharyngeal grooves. Through epipharyngeal groove the food mass enters into the oesophagus.


Endostyle helps in the ciliary mode of feeding in, lower chordates.

In Amphioxus this endostyle is supported by a pair of skeletal plates.