The region above the tropics of North America is the Nerctic region. Towards north it includes New found land, the Arctic Archipelago and Greenland.



This region is known as...

1)Nearctic region shows great variations in climatic conditions and temperatures.

2) In the North Greenland, frozen ice is seen.

3) Range of mountains extended from North to South.

4) In the South west of North America deserts are present.

Sub Regions : Nearctic region is divided into four sub-regions.

1) California Sub-region : A part of North America Nevadaand Cascade ranges and part of British Columbia are included in it Nearly 86 families of vertebrates like Haplodotidae Anielhade Vampires and Free tailed bats are seen in this sub region

2) Rocky mountain sub-region : It includes mountains of East California with nearly 107 families of terrestrial vertebrates. Goats, Haplocerus, Prairie dogs and Lizards are commonly seen.

3) Alleghasy Sub-region : It includes rocky mountain sub- region, Lakes of Eastern parts of U.S.A. Vampire bats, Star nosed moles, Opossums, Turkeys and Carolina parrots are present.

4) Canadian Sub region : It includes remaining parts of North America and Greenland. Bison, Gluttons, Polar bears, arctic fox, Reindeer are commonly seen. ‘

Fauna : Nearctic region includes Fishes, Amphibians, Reptiles,Birds and Mammales.

Fishes : Cat fishes,Garpike, Paddle fishes, and Cyprinidonts are commonly present.

Amphibians : Amphiuma, Salamanders, Bufo, Amblystoma, Hyla, and Rana are seeWin this region.

Reptiles : Rich number of Reptiles like, Musk turtle, Trionyx, Emydines, Alligators ophiosaurs, and vipers like Pituophis couophis and Chilomeniscus are present.

Birds : Nearly 39 families of birds including Pelicans, Heron, Humming birds, Woodpeckers, l9ycatchers, Mocking birds, Larks and Sand- pipers are present.

Mammals : Mammals like Squirrels, Moles, Rabbits, Beavers, Cats, Bats, Deers, Bears, Weasels, Opposum, Porcupine and Armadillo are present. Nearly 24 families are seen in this region.