Foramen - Any small opening or orifice pore, or perforation is called foramen.
Foramen filum terminale - It is the opening for the terminal filament called filum terminale of spinal cord of a vertebrate.

Foramen infra orbital - It is located beneath the orbit in man.

Foramen Interventricular (foramen of Monro) It is y-shaped passage which connect the third ventricle of brain with the lateral ventricles.
Foramen intervertebral - The opening formed by the two notches of the adjacent vertebrae through which the spinal nerve makes its exit.
Foramen incisive - It is present anteriorly between the palatine processes near the incisor teeth in mammals.

Foramen ovale - An opening in the sphenoid for the passage of nerves and blood vessels.
Foramen ovale - (Embroyology) An opening in the foetal heart partition in between two artria.
Foramen obturator - A large opening in the pelvis, between the ischium and pelvis, that gives passage to vessels and nerves.
Foramen optic - It is located medially in the orbitosphenoid bone of eye orbit of vertebrate through which optic nerve and ophthalmic artery passes.
Foramen Lecerum aflerius - Present in the mammalian cranium between the orbito sphenoid and alisphenoid bones making a passage for the occulomotor, trochlear and abducens nerves and the ophthalmic branch of the thgeminal nerve.

Foramen Lacerum medium - An opening in the mammalian skull for the passage of the internal carotid artery between the basisphenoid bone and the tympanic bulla.
Foramen lacerum Posters - An opening in the mammalian skull between the periotic and the exoccipital bones for the passage of the glossopharyngeal, vagus; spinal accessory nerves and the internal jugular vein.
Foramina of Luschka - These are two openings on the lateral side of roof of the fourth ventricle of mammalian brain, for communicating with the subarachnoid spaces of meninges.
Foramen ofMagnedie - The median aperture of the fourth ventricle of brain.
Foramen magnum - A large oval opening in the occipital bone at the base of cranium that allows passage of the spinal cord, accessory nerves and vertebral arteries. ,
Foramen nutrient - It is present in the tibio fibula bone of frog provides passage for artery.
Foramen premium - It is a temporary interatrial opening
Foramen ofpanizzae - A small opening connecting the two systemic aortae of crocodile or any other reptile resembling the crocodile. It is situated at a point just beyond the semilunar valves where the two aortic arches cross each other.

Foramen of Winslow (Epiploic foramen) An aperture of peritoneal cavity formed by fold of the peritoneum and located between given area and stomach
Foramen rotundum - An opening in the sphenoid bone of mammalian skull through which the maxillary branch of the trigeminal nerve emerges from the brain.
Foramen spinosum - Opening in the sphenoid bone of mammalian skull
Foramen supraorbital - An opening in the supraorbital margin and beneath the eye brow of the mammalian skull, it transmits the supraorbital nerve and blood vessels.
Foramen of triosseum - An opening enclosed by the scapula, clavicle and coracoid of a bird at the point where these three bones meet. The tendon of the minor pectoral muscle, which raises these three bones meet. The tendon of the minor pectoral muscle, which raises the wing, passes through this opening.
Foramen vertebral - The central large opening of each vertebra of vertebrates in which lies the spinal cord.