Poultry Breeding


Introduction and controlled animal breeding have been helpful in imporving other animal species like chicken, ducks, sheeps and pigs. Aseel, Chittagong and Ghaugs are some of the Desi breeds of fowls. White leg horn, Rhode island red, Black Minorca are the introduced varieties.

India and the neighboring countries are recognised as the original home of the red jungle fowl (Gallus gallus). There is evidence that a Aseel or Malay fowl were carried to Europe through the middle east about 2000 years ago and have given rise to the present day European breeds.

Poultry and poultry products are rich source of animal proteins and other nutrients such as fats, vitamins and minerals . Consumption of eggs would pave the way for overcoming protein malnutrition prevalent among children in India.

The domestic fowl (Gallus domesticus) population of our country can be roughly classified into two types:

i. Indigenous (Desi type)

ii. Exotic (Improved type)

Some of the indigenous breeds like Aseel, karaknath, Ghagus Brahma, Bursa are the best table birds. The Aseel fowls are used in cock-fighting.


The exotic breeds are classified according to their source of origin, into American class, English class, Asiatic class. Mediterranean class and nature of some Standard classes, common breeds and important fowls


The indigenous breeds are crossed with exotic breeds for improving egg production. Heterosis has been utilised for producing better egg layers and broilers with high nutritive value.